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Bougainvillas in El Valle
View toward LA Cetto
Mogor Badan Vnyd.
Finca Altozano barriles
Sniffing, tasting
Vena Cava
Vinedos 2
Sunset grapes
Vineyard Walk
View Across Hgwy. 3


After falling in love with Baja's Wine Country, Baja Vino Tours began offering tours to the region in 2003. Over the years, this area has grown and become an amazing destination for the traveler. Those who appreciate good food and wine, combined with a touch of authentic adventure will find themselves in a private paradise. With more than a 100 wineries to explore, museums, B&B, boutique hotels, local product shops, restaurants, campsites, spas, natural sites, art galleries and more, Ruta del Vino will make you fall in love too... and make you want to come back again and again.  


We are dedicated to provide a fun, educational, and unforgettable experience through one of the most charming, untouched wine regions in the world.


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